The aim of the project is to develop technology of biodegradable packaging materials from aliphatic polyesters stabilized substances of vegetable origin.

The composition of the materials shall be designed based on only the most environmentally friendly materials of plant origin, used polyesters are biodegradable polymers obtained from renewable raw materials and stabilizers are substances from the group of natural antioxodants. In the study, we optimize the composition and processing parameters we choose packaging. These plant materials are applied as a natural anti-aging substances that increase the stability of polyesters because of their high antioxidant activity described in the literature. Flavonoids in nature also act as natural pigments, which are responsible for the color of many plants.

The oxidation of polymers under the influence of environmental factors is the aging of the material, so that during the reaction observing a change of color package containing flavonoids. Designed packaging will be environmentally friendly, because after a finite time operation easily they can be disposed of by biodegradation and composting.

The result of the submitted proposal, the key will be to develop production technology of biodegradable packaging, which will affect the economy of waste in the RP. With color indication shelf will be possible to monitor the quality of the packaged product. Implementation of the results of the project we plan through the sale of license or property rights to the developed technology.

The project manager is Dr. Anna Masek, D.Sc. from the Institute of Polymer and Dye Technology of the Lodz University of Technology.